Our educational team are professional, enthusiastic and dedicated to supporting each child’s needs. We provide our students with the tools and skills of learning by fostering curiosity and wonder. We seek to instill a love of learning, a sense of inquiry and the ability to think for oneself.

While striving for academic excellence, we are also committed to creating a safe nurturing environment where staff and students are held to high expectations while ensuring that all our students reach their full potential. We seek to create an atmosphere where students enjoy learning because we believe that when this happens, not only will they become confident learners, but also successful learners.

To this end, we offer a wide range of activities across the curriculum, incorporating whole group, small group, and individual instruction to ensure every child’s learning style and ability is met and scaffolded. Along with academic excellence, we are committed to the development of the personal, social and emotional growth of our students and we work in partnership with parents seeking to provide the best possible school environment for all our pupils.


Our Philosophy

(Goal and Commitment)


Our goal is to provide outstanding academic excellence, while instilling good character training. We strive to deliver an individualized teaching of a high standard through our board and balanced academic programme, providing learners with skills, knowledge, attitudes and concepts needed to succeed in our changing world.


Our commitment is to grow our Christabel learners into trailblazers who are innovative, dynamic,
thoughtful, adventurous and empathetic global citizens who lead and serve with character.


Growing Learners into Innovative and Dynamic Trailblazers...

  • Highly experienced and qualified staff committed to nurturing and developing each child.
  • A guarantee that any student that needs additional academic monitoring will receive dedicated attention from the widely resourced Learning Support Unit.
  • An internationally integrated curriculum.
  • Science, music and art is an integral part of the school curriculum with an emphasis on individual and collaborative performances.
  • Zero tolerance child abuse policy.
  • A breath of sporting activities which include football, athletics, volleyball, handball, swimming, basketball, taekwondo, ballet and any other sports that the students might be interested in.
  • After school care and Much More

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